PG Diploma in Obstetrics and Gynecology

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PG Diploma in Obstetrics and Gynecology


Duration: 1 Year(s)

Delhi Medical Health Care Academy (DMHCA), New Delhi


New Delhi, Delhi, India


Course TypePG Diploma

Course Specialty

Obstetrics and Gynecology


    Our PG Diploma in Obstetrics & Gynecology course is specially designed for medical professionals where participants will learn about Basic sciences as related to Obstetrics & Gynecology. Participants will gain knowledge from the top obs & Gynae faculty, we have hybrid classes(Virtual Classes/on-Campus with practical training) The duration of the course is 12 months with 4 weeks of practical training in the campus. Enrolled students will have access to Recorded video lectures throughout the course. We also provide free study material (E-book & Hard Copy).

    The participants will learn subjects during the OBS & GYNAE PG Diploma course are as follow:

    In Obstetrics:

    1. Gametogenesis fertilization, implantation and early development of embryo
    2. Normal Labor
    3. Anatomical and Physiological changes in female genital tract during pregnancy.
    4. Pharmacology of drugs used during pregnancy, Labor, Post- partum period.
    5. Development of placenta.
    6. Amniotic fluid.
    7. Anatomy of fetus, fetal growth & development, fetal physiology & circulation.
    8. Puerperium– Normal
    9. Malpresentation &malposition of labor
    10. Abnormal Puerperium
    11. CPD & its management
    12. Complications of 3rd stage of labor
    13. Hypertensive disorders in pregnancy
    14. Antepartum Hemorrhage
    15. PROM, Poly Hydra minus, Oligo Hydramnios
    16. Obstetrical Hemorrhage (includes Antenatal & postpartum)
    17. Hypertensive disorders of pregnancy
    18. Medical disorders in pregnancy
    19. Emergency Obstetric Care (Intensive Obstetrics )
    20. Antepartum & intrapartum fetal monitoring.

    In Gynaecology:

    1. Endocrinology related to reproduction
    2. Physiology of menstruation, ovulation, fertilization & menopause.
    3. Methods of contraception.
    4. Fibroid uterus
    5. Endometrial Hyperplasia, DUB, Abnormal bleeding.
    6. Endometriosis is , Adenomyosis
    7. Endocrine abnormalities, Menstrual abnormalities Amenorrhea, PCOD , Hirsutism, Hyperprolactinemia, Thyroid disorders
    8. Laparoscopy & Hysteroscopy
    9. Ca Cervix
    10. Ca Endometrium
    11. Carcinoma Ovary
    12. Menopause
    13. Genital Fistulae / Urinary Incontinence
    14. Prolapse
    15. Contraception / Family Planning / Sterilization methods
    16. Endometriosis , Adenomyosis
    17. Infertility

Fee ():


Stipend (INR):







    Applicant should have done MBBS/MD/MS/ DNB/ Equivalent.

Minimum Education

MBBSDNBMD (Doctor of Medicine)MS (Master of Surgery)

Admission Process:

    1. Online Application:

    Prospective candidates are required to complete and submit an online application form available on our official website- Ensure that all sections of the application are filled accurately.

    2. Document Submission:

    Documents required for Registration/Admission 

    - 10th, 12th Marksheet and Certificate

    - Graduation All Marksheet and Certificate

    - Address Proof and Passport Size Photo

    3. Application Review:

    The admissions counsellor will review the applications and documents to assess eligibility and suitability for the program. Academic achievements, clinical experience, and the applicant's commitment to Obs & Gynae will be considered.

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