Observership in Gynecological Ultrasound

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Observership in Gynecological Ultrasound


Duration: 3 Day(s)

Gynecology Academy, Bangalore

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India


Course TypeObservership

Course Specialty

Clinical Ultrasonography


    Course Price of Observership in Gynecological Ultrasound is Rs 25,000 + 18% GST.

    An onsite observership for 3 days (Thursday to Saturday) on ultrasound in Gynecology, is available at Manipal Hospital, Bangalore, India. A maximum of 2 doctors are taken at a time as observers. Typically, one batch is taken every month. The acceptance of doctors is based on the discretion of the faculty and hospital authorities.

    Salient Features:

    1. This is a 3-day course where you will observe live gynecological scans from 9 to 5 PM.
    2. You will also observe history taking, reporting etc.
    3. You will also get to observe procedures done if any (based on requirement in cases presenting in that period).
    4. At the end of the day there will be a discussion on cases seen and gynecological ultrasound.

    Course Content:

    1. Get to observe gynecological scans presenting in the period of observership – including transabdominal, transvaginal, 3D, GSV etc.
    2. You will also get to observe any procedures done (based on requirement in cases presenting in that period) – including, USG guided aspirations, trucut biopsy etc.
    3. Diagnosis includes more than observing ultrasound features and, in this period, you will observe what is the relevant history that is taken, time spent on a scan, conversation with the patient, check list that is adhered to and how we conclude and report each case.
    4. At the end of the day there will be a discussion of the cases seen and anything else related to gynecological ultrasound that is of interest to the participating doctors

Admission Intake


Fee (INR):

25000 (Annual)

Stipend (INR):



At Your Own




Dr. Mala Sibal


    Any doctor who wants to enhance their practical skills in Gynecological Ultrasound.

Admission Process:

    • Interested candidate should apply with curriculum vitae.
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