NABH Awareness, Documentation and Implementation Training

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NABH Awareness, Documentation and Implementation Training


Duration: 4 Hour(s)

Punyam Academy Private Limited, Ahmedabad


Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India


Course TypeOnline

Course Specialty

Healthcare Quality


    NABH awareness, documentation, and implementation - online training, an e-learning course (with vital instructions in the Hindi language) is designed to provide knowledge on how to plan and prepare for the Pre-entry level NABH application and implement the system in small health care organizations.

    The NABH standards offer a rigorous framework for patient care and quality improvement in the hospitals in India to achieve accreditation. Keeping in view the need for quality in healthcare and requirements of NABH, Punyam Academy has designed NABH entry-level awareness, documentation, and implementation training - E-learning course (with tutorials in Hindi) to provide participants the knowledge and insights vital for all the employees of hospitals in achieving NABH accreditation for the healthcare organization.

    This NABH awareness, documentation and implementation Online Training focuses on how to plan and prepare the required NABH documents including Manuals, Procedures, SOPs, etc and implement the NABH standards for accreditation. It will help users to understand how to prepare records and forms as well as file applications on the HOPE portal for pre-entry level NABH accreditation. The course also provides step by step approach to implement and internalize the requirements given in the standard.

    Topics Covered Under NABH Awareness Training Online:

    1. Lectures / Video Tutorials
      Total six sessions are given as video tutorials with explanatory audio to understand the subject.
      • Session 1: NABH Awareness
      • Session 2: NABH Pre–Entry Level Accreditation Requirements
      • Session 3: NABH Documentation
      • Session 4: Instructions for Filling NABH Entry Level Formats (in Hindi)
      • Session 5: Steps for Implementation of NABH pre-accreditation standards for Hospitals
      • Session 6: NABH Entry Level Certification Steps for Registration on HOPE (in Hindi)
    2. Handouts
      For all the above-listed lessons, hand-outs in more than 25 pages are given in pdf format. The participant of this online NABH awareness and implementation training can save the hand-out on their computer or print it or read it to get detailed knowledge of all the four topics listed above. The knowledge gained from this NABH awareness training helps the hospital to get NABH accreditation.
    3. Exams
      In this course, a total of six session exams and one final exam are given. After passing all the exams, the participants can print their NABH awareness, documentation and implementation training certificate.

    After completion of this e-learning course, you will be able to:

    • Get an overview of NABH and its awareness also.
    • Get an overview of the Pre Entry Level Accreditation requirements.
    • Understand, maintain and retain documented information list.
    • Understand the NABH implementation steps.
    • Get step-by-step instructions for filling formats.
    • Understand how to file applications for pre-entry level NABH accreditation on HOPE portal.
    • Familiarize yourself with the NABH registration process and steps for certification

Fee (INR):

8254 (Total)

Stipend (INR):







    Applicant should have done graduation.

Minimum Education

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