Haria LG Rotary Hospital, Valsad

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Haria LG Rotary Hospital, Valsad

time outline iconValsad, Gujarat, India


A vision to strengthen healthcare in the communities we serve and empower patients to make informed choices. were at the genesis of Rotary Charitable Trust (RCT) & Haria LG Rotary Hospital (HRHI. In 1977 Rotary Charitable Trust was established and a modest beginning was made with an Ambulance Service and later as an Outpatient Clinic at C Type Quarters. Later a 24-bed Niramaya Rotary Hospital was established. It was in the year 1982 that Haria Group joined hands with Rotary Charitable Trust and, in the subsequent years, the Hospital made rapid progress. Now, the hospital has grown up to a 200-bedded Multispecialty hospital.


Cardiac Care: The Cardiac Care Unit offers you a range of world class treatments and services from Diagnostic Non-invasive Cardiology, and CT Imaging to top class Interventional Cardiology, including the full range of Cardiac and Vascular Surgeries.

Free Dialysis Center: With the help of the Rotary Charitable Trust Vapi. Hospital run a Free Dialysis Unit which makes it possible for people to survive despite complete kidney failure.

24*7 Radio Diagnostic: Hospital Provide the 2417 Radiology Diagnostics with the latest Mammography 2D Echo, CT SCAN AND MRI Technology.

Health Checkups: Health Check is part of Harla LG Rotary Hospital 's pursuance of excellence in healthcare and belle! that preventative care is a wise investment

Other Services: Trauma & Emergency, 24*7 Nukem Blood Bank



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