General OT Nurse Certificate Course

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General OT Nurse Certificate Course


Duration: 6 Month(s)

Ganpat University, Mehsana


Mehsana, Gujarat, India


Course TypeCertificate

Course Specialty

Operation Theatre Nursing


Ganpat University


    General Operation Theatre (OT) nurses are the backbone of a surgical team. OT nurses work in a dynamic and challenging environment, taking on key roles in life-saving & major surgical procedures and the surrounding care. They will be trained to effectively maintain a clean & safe operating theatre environment and in preparing the necessary equipment for surgical operations, preparing and taking care of patients for pre & post surgeries, performing post operating activities, assisting surgeons while surgeries, handling various instruments/supplies and manage sterile stocks

    • Imbibe the qualities of theatre nurse.
    • Explain the principles and concepts of Operation Theatre nursing.
    • Practice aseptic technique in the preparation of theatre and the care of the patient.
    • Explain the principles and methods of sterilization and disinfection.
    • Assist the Surgeon and Anesthetists effectively.
    • Appreciate the team work and co-ordinate the activities in the theatre.
    • Operate various types of modern equipment used in the Operation Theatre i.e. Microscope, Heart-Lung Machine, Defibrilator machine etc.
    • Assess the needs of patients immediately after operation plan, implement or evaluate nursing care

Fee (INR):

20000 (Total)

Stipend (INR):



At Your Own




Dr. Nikita Patel


    Applicant should have completed GNM or B.Sc Nursing Course.

Minimum Education

GNM (General Nursing and Midwifery)BSc Nursing
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