Geetanjali University (GU), Udaipur

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Geetanjali University (GU), Udaipur

time outline iconUdaipur, Rajasthan, India


Geetanjali University Founded by Shri J. P. Agarwal in the year 2011 with a vision to promote Quality Education and Excellence in Research amalgamated with robust Value Systems. Geetanjali University started with the aim to create the most advanced models of teaching in Undergraduate and Post-graduate Medical Education in the entirety of its clinical and Non Clinical branches to exhibit an extraordinary standard of Medical Education in the country. The goal remains to continue to execute the highest standard of teaching and training of individuals in all the fields of Medical Science. Geetanjali University offers a wide range of Under Graduate and Postgraduate and Doctorate Courses. 


Laboratories: The institutes have inbuilt well maintained and fully equipped laboratories.

Library: The book shelves are stuffed with all the old and new versions of books related to their courses and out of it. 

Cafeteria: The institutes under the university also have specific cafeterias within the premises. The food and snacks served in the cafeterias are freshly made and left overs are disposed of the other day.

Computer Labs: The computer labs are well maintained with ample space and seating arrangements. 

Sports: The playground is available for any sport that interests the students like cricket, football, volleyball, Basket ball, badminton, tennis, etc. 

Bank Facility: Very recently Indian Bank has established a Branch inside Geetanjali University Campus.

Gymnasium: These gymnasiums have free admissions anytime and students are willingly coming in to themselves fit. The instructors’ keep strict watch over the students so that nobody gets ill affected because of over workouts, etc. 



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