Fellowship in Interventional Radiology

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Fellowship in Interventional Radiology


Duration: 1 Year(s)

Max Super Speciality Hospital, Ghaziabad

Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India


Course TypeFellowship

Course Specialty

Interventional Radiology


    The basic purpose of the course is to teach interventional radiology techniques to become excellent Interventional Radiologists who can not only perform procedures with high degree of skill and competence, but also have acquired outstanding skills in patient selection, patient communication and counseling, pre and post procedure patient management and handling of complications.
    During their training, students get a good exposure to almost the entire range of vascular and interventional radiology procedures excluding cardiac and neuro interventions. As part of the course, students are encouraged to actively participate in the procedures so that they good a good hands on experience in doing procedures as well.
    Besides gaining valuable experience in doing the procedures, students are taught the nuances and technicalities of various procedures both in a formal didactic setting and as part of the clinical/hands on training. Besides as students are actively involved in day to day business of the department they also get to learn patient communication, approach to decision making and pre and post procedure management of the patient.
    To extract the full benefit of the course, besides having a basic formal degree in Radio diagnosis, the student must have an inclination towards clinical practice. Students must like to interact with patients and have a sympathetic and caring attitude. They must enjoy clinical work and be willing to work beyond their comfort zone in "diagnostic radiology".

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Dr Bharat Aggarwal Dr Vivek Saxena


    Medical graduates with the MD/ DMRD/DNB ( Radio diagnosis).

Minimum Education

DMRD (Diploma in Medical Radio Diagnosis)MD Radio DiagnosisDNB Radio-Diagnosis

Admission Process:

    Interested candidates can contact through contact number and inquire about the application process.

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