Fellowship in Family Medicine

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Fellowship in Family Medicine


Duration: 1 Year(s)

Medigrad, Singapore


New Delhi, Delhi, India


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Family Medicine


The CPD Standards (UK)


    Course Duration: 1 Year (with 8 Weeks Practical Learning)

    80% of health care needs in any nation can be taken care of by the family physician. These days everyone in India wants to be treated by the specialist since a lot of them have disposable incomes to go doctor shopping. To a layperson, it might seem like the most correct thing to do and may feel that super-specialist is very accomplished hence also the most capable to treat his disease.

    Learning Objectives:

    • Comprehensive & continuing care for patients in all age group.
    • Consider illness in psychological & social terms, not just in physical ones.
    • Acknowledge clinical uncertainty & to ensure safe and effective management decisions for patients.
    • Understand the principals of continuity of care, of the gatekeeper function, & of appropriate timely referral

    Learning Area Covered:

    • Internal Medicine
    • Emergency & ENT
    • Pediatrics
    • Gynecology & Obstetrics

Fee (INR):

105000 (Total)

Stipend (INR):



At Your Own




    Candidate should have done MBBS.

Minimum Education


Admission Process:

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