Fellow of the Indian Association of Clinical Cardiologists (FIACC)

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Fellow of the Indian Association of Clinical Cardiologists (FIACC)

Indian Association of Clinical Cardiologists (IACC)

Malappuram, Kerala, India


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Indian Association of Clinical Cardiologists (IACC)


    • FIACC reflects your world class competence in the field of Cardiology. Fellowship sets new standards in field of cardiology, which moulds a group of cardiologists with international standards and professional competence.
    • This fellowship mainly focuses on the knowledge, patient care and clinical skills of a cardiologist. Successful candidates will be certified as cardiologists with excellent clinical skills, knowledge and confidence to practice guideline based cardiology with utmost competence and safety.
    • The FIACC Part 1 and FIACC Part 2 examinations maintain an international Quality. Such examinations ensure the public regarding the excellent knowledge, evidence based treatment and clinical acumen of treating cardiologist. The structure of this examinations mostly designed by the internationally well known cardiology teachers.

    Advantages of FIACC :

    • Public awareness regarding your knowledge and skill.
    • Promote your status as Consultant with International Standards
    • Display your designation FIACC
    • Confidence to claim a salary increment


    • FIACC Part - I Online Screening Exam Fee Rs.50000 (International applicants - $1500 USD)
    • FIACC Part - II Practical Exam Fee: Rs.50000 (International applicants - $1500 USD)

    Part - I : Syllabus

    1. Basics in Cardiology 2. Pediatric Cardiology 3. Preventive Cardiology 4. Interventional Cardiology 5. Imaging in Cardiology 6. Latest ACC/AHA/ESC/WHF guidelines (*Preventive Cardiology topics will be as per guidelines of World Heart Federation and American Heart Association.)

Fee ():


Stipend (INR):







    • Life Membership of IACC
    • Academic Degrees
    1. MBBS /MD
    2. PGDCC/D.Card/Dip.Card/MRCP/FRCP/Ph.D/D.Sc/DNB/DM
    • Echocardiography Exam
    1. Indian Academy of Echocardiography (IAE- Accreditation Test Level III Physicians) certification in Transesophageal Echocardiography (TEE), Transthoracic Echocardiography (TTE) Or
    2. Fellowship Of American Society Of Echocardiography (Fase)Or
    3. Certification Of European Association Of Echocardiography (Adult -Tte & Tee)
    • Recommendation Letters:

    Three recommendation letters from any of the cardiology teaching faculty / patrons of IACC

Minimum Education

MBBSDM (Doctorate in Medicine)DNBMD (Doctor of Medicine)

Admission Process:

    Documents Required at the time of Admission:

    • Latest CV
    • IACC Life Membership
    • PG in Cardiology
    • Echo Certification
    • 3 Publications
    • 150 Medscape CME credit hours
    • 3 Recommendation Letters

    Given below Instructions must be followed by the candidate:

    1. Filled application form should reach the IACC head office on or before 30th September.
    2. FIACC Part 1 you can appear any time after approval from IACC.
    3. FIACC Part 2 you can appear only first week of January every year.
    4. Re exam of both Part 1 & 2 are allowed only after one year.
    5. For re exam candidate have to pay the fee for the concerned part.
    6. Only 3 attempts for each part.
    7. No refunds of fee, if candidate fails.
    8. Venue of Part 2 exams will be intimated by email.
    9. International Applicants require produce only one recommendation letter.
    10. Filled application and other documents to be sent by email.
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