Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics

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Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics


Duration: 3 Day(s)

Cosmetica India, New Delhi


New Delhi, Delhi, India


Course TypeOnline

Course Specialty

Dietetics and Nutrition


    • The Diploma in Nutrition and Diet Planning is a 3 days onsite training program plus 3 months of supervised online learning. It is suitable for Graduate in any fields or 12th Science.
    • The Course Objective is To ensure practitioners have a complete theoretical knowledge in Nutrition and Diet Plan Management.
    • Upon completion, practitioners shall have acquired operational skills, clinical skills and managerial skills to start and operate a Nutrition and Diet Plan Management centre or incorporate slimming based machine therapy procedures into their practice. They would have also gained analytical & critical thinking abilities, including troubleshooting operational and clinical issues.


    • Anatomy / physiology- Digestive, Circulatory & Respiratory Systems.
    • Enzymatic digestion, Absorption & Assimilation of nutrients.
    • Study of micronutrients: Vitamin, Minerals.

    Dietetics Practicals:

    • Food Valuation analysis: Calculation of calorific value of nutrition values of food.
    • Generating nutritional recipes with proper calorific values.
    • Calculation of individual patient’s calorie requirement.

Fee (INR):

25000 (Annual)

Stipend (INR):



At Your Own




    Graduate in any fields or 12th Science.

Minimum Education

Graduate12th Science
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