Certificate Course in Maternal Medicine

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Certificate Course in Maternal Medicine


Duration: 9 Month(s)

Gynecology Academy, Bangalore

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India


Course TypeOnline

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Perinatal Medicine


    Course Price of Certificate of Participation is Rs 78,000 + 18% GST & for Certificate of Competence / Completion is

    Rs 78,000 + 18% GST.

    This online course is a comprehensive program covering different aspects of Maternal Medicine. This course aims to provide a system-wise approach to managing medical disorders in pregnant women.
    Irrespective of the place and nature of practice, we are all likely to come across women who present with or develop a medical complication in pregnancy. Medical disorders affect pregnancy outcomes and equally, pregnancy can impact the medical condition, making management of such patients challenging. There has been very important research, newer medications as well as technological advances that have changed the way we manage women with these conditions during pregnancy. The increasing number of women who now can become pregnant despite having medical conditions and the appearance of new infections makes it important for us to refresh our knowledge. Maternal medicine is a huge area and we have focused on the common medical problems, which every obstetrician will face as well as the more challenging but not so common conditions All this along with increasing awareness and expectations in our patients and rising medicolegal issues emphasizes the need for us to stay abreast of recent developments and upgrade our knowledge in maternal medicine.

    Salient Features:

    1. This 9-month online course addresses different aspects of maternal medicine and covers the common and important medical disorders in pregnancy. By the end of the course, the participant is adequately equipped with the physiology behind the conditions and a comprehensive up-to-date approach to identification and management of these problems.
    2. The faculty (obstetricians and obstetric physician) share their experience and expertise through case-based discussions as a part of the modules.
    3. We will be discussing selected topics at pre-scheduled regular online meetings where apart from the course faculty, additional invited faculty will share their expertise too
    4. There is self-assessment at the end of every lecture to test knowledge acquired
    5. Access to online lectures is available for an extended period of time to allow self-paced learning and revision of talks and videos for in-depth understanding.
    6. Facility for answering questions and clarification of doubts on material provided is also available.
    7. In addition, we have an optional test usually towards the end of the course, to certify the completion of the maternal medicine module. This is done online and is optional. We suggest you undertake the end of course exam, as it will be an additional credit.

    Course Content:

    The approximate study time for this module is 9 months. The whole course is categorically divided into multiple smaller modules, each of which typically has a few lectures within. Once you have viewed the lectures, please complete the self-assessment, to receive the certificate of participation. A certificate of completion is given once you pass the exam.

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Dr Uma Ram Dr Lakshmi Shanmugasundaram Dr Hari Kishan Boorugu


    This course will benefit all obstetricians and help them provide appropriate and safe care for women who have medical problems in pregnancy. Physicians who are involved in providing care for pregnant women with medical problems will also benefit. This course will help any doctor keen on upgrading their knowledge in maternal medicine.

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