Certificate Course in Fetal Central Nervous System

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Certificate Course in Fetal Central Nervous System


Duration: 2 Month(s)

Gynecology Academy, Bangalore

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India


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Course Specialty

Obstetrics and Gynecology


    Course Price of Certificate of Participation is Rs 13,750 + 18% GST.

    The fetal brain is a complex organ and develops throughout the pregnancy. Understanding the anatomy of the brain is challenging as the normal brain appears different at different periods of gestation. With constant improvements and innovations, the ultrasound equipment today is able to produce high resolution images. This module of 4 lectures with discussions dealt over five to six hours, is prepared to help understand the anatomy and pathology of the fetal brain. A large number of anomalies have been included in the lectures to enhance the expertise of the participant. Fetal MRI has been included wherever necessary to emphasize normal or abnormal findings. The genetic basis and the investigations necessary are an integral part of the discussion.

    Salient Features:

    1. This course is an easy reference module of how to assess the fetal brain using the basic recommended planes.
    2. Fetal brain malformations are extensively dealt in this module with a dedicated chapter to abnormalities of the anterior septal complex and posterior fossa malformations.
    3. Ventriculomegaly is often a dilemmatic situation in routine practice and a systematic methodical approach to a fetus with ventriculomegaly is dealt in this module.
    4. The inclusion of fetal MRI imaging along with ultrasound to corelate normal and abnormal findings is one of the salient features.
    5. A self-assessment test will be present at the end of each lecture.
    6. Facility for answering questions and clarification of doubts on material provided is also available.

    Course Content:

    There are 4 lectures in this course. Once you viewed the lectures, please complete the self-assessment of each lecture to receive the certificate of participation.

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Dr B.S Rama Murthy


    This course caters to practicing sonologists, gynaecologists and radiologists and those who are training to become practitioners in Fetal Medicine and Obstetric Ultrasound, as well as postgraduate medical students in these fields.

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