Babylon Children's Hospital, Jaipur

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Babylon Children's Hospital, Jaipur

time outline iconJaipur, Rajasthan, India


Babylon Hospital is a specialty caring center for children (aged 0-18 years) and Ladies who are in their family way. Babylon Hospital was established in July 2007 with an aspiration to provide specialized & comprehensive pediatric medical care to children. Premature baby of 26 weeks gestation weighed only 447 gms Survived with the good neurological outcome which reflects the level of care in our particular unit for the newborns. The NICU at Babylon is a modern 50 bedded unit.


General Pediatrics: General Pediatric department of Babylon Hospital is nicely involved with all the Clinical Care, teaching advocacy, administration, and research. 

Pediatrics ICU: Babylon Hospital Pvt. Ltd has fully air-conditioned 05 bedded state-of-art pediatric intensive care unit.

Pediatrics Gastroenterology: Babylon Hospital takes care of the treatment of the digestive system, liver, and nutritional problems in children.

Pediatrics Nephrology: Babylon's Pediatric Nephrology is a stream of medical science that deals with the kidney and Urinary tract disease in children. 

Pediatrics Pulmonology & allergy: Babylon Hospital has a separate department to deal with children's problem like asthma and seasonal allergies. The doctors are highly specialized with problems like recurrent cough, Wheezing, allergies, bronchiectasis, cystic fibrosis, tuberculosis, immunodeficiency, and ciliary dyskinesia.

Pediatric Urology: Babylon Hospital has specialized doctors who focus on the individual needs of the Child with the disease.

Pediatric Hematology: Our department of Hematology treats all type of blood-related disorders and diseases with children. 

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