Ayurveda Advanced Course

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Ayurveda Advanced Course


Duration: 15 Sessions

Vishuddhi Isha Yoga, North Goa


North Goa, Goa, India


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    The Course Price is 120 $.

    This course helps you to understand intermediate to advanced concepts and procedures in Ayurveda like concept of disease and Panchkarma, pathology of diseases, treatment plan based on body constitution and type (Dosha), details of Panchkarma methods and understanding.

    • Learn and understand other advanced concepts of Ayurveda like Agni, dhatus, Mala, and srotas.
    • Understand fundamentals of digestion and metabolism in humans. Learn about disorders, related organ systems, underlying causes and symptoms, Pathogenesis and progression of diseases, Ayurveda therapies and treatments, diagnosis through physical inspection and detailed questionnaire.

    Course Orientation & Introduction:
    Tutorial 1:  Introduction, Origin and History of Ayurveda
    Tutorial 2:  Concept of Rasas (Tastes) and Sapta dhatus (Tissues)
    Tutorial 3:  Concept of Malas (Wastes) & Agni (Digestive Fires)
    Tutorial 4:  Concept of Strotas (Channels)
    Tutorial 5:  Concept of Strotas (Channels) & Koshtha
    Tutorial 6:  Daily and Seasonal Regimens (Dincharya & Ritucharya)
    Tutorial 7:  Ayurveda Treatments ( Shamana & Shodhana Chikitsa)
    Tutorial 8:  Ayurveda Treatments, Sweda (Sudation)
    Tutorial 9:  Panchkarma Therapies, Vaman (Emesis)
    Tutorial 10: Panchakrma Therapies, Virechan (Purgation)
    Tutorial 11:  Panchakarma Therapies, Vasty (Enema)
    Tutorial12: Panchkarma Therapies, Nasyam (Nasal Purgation)
    Tutorial 13:  Ayurveda Treatments, Methods of Reintegration
    Tutorial 14:  Ayurveda Constitutional Examination
    Tutorial 15:  Synopsis of Treatments

     More than 14 hrs. of high quality course content through 17 course video tutorials Self-paced course with an option to get certified.

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    Anyone who wants to improve his or her mental, emotional, physical health and wellbeing.

Admission Process:

    For all Yoga and Ayurveda Courses (residential or online), online booking registration fee needs to be paid online on the website using the payment gateways. Alternatively, you can also email us with your interest and we can send you the invoice to your email id after receiving your registration confirmation.

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